Jack's Last Putt

Bring Home the Magic of Jack Nicklaus' Last Putt of his PGA career and the Iconic £5 Scottish Note.

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A framed photo of a man holding up his arm.

Own a Piece of Golf History

Only 225 framed photo displays featuring Jack's Last Putt and an authentic £5 Scottish bank note were created, making this a rare and treasured item for any Nicklaus fan or golf memorabilia collector.

The Photo of Jack's Last Putt is authenticated by Nicklaus's signature on his Golden Bear Hologram. The Pairing of this historic photo and Scottish banknote in a framed display will be a valuable addition to your sports collection.

Dimensions: 16 X 22 inches / 40.64 X 55.88 cm

Jacks Last Putt - Copyright Don Kohlbauer 2005

Use of this image is restricted worldwide without written consent.

The Fiver - £5 Scottish Banknote

The commemorative £5 Scottish banknote was issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland on July 14th, 2005, at the start of that year's Open Championship. The " fiver " portrays the clubhouse at St Andrews and Nicklaus clutching the Claret jug at the Old Course, where he won The Open in 1970 and 1978.

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Authenticity Guaranteed

Each copy is numbered, signed by the photographer, and has a hologram with Jack Nicklaus' signature to authenticate its validity.

About The Photographer Don Kohlbauer

Don began his photography career in high school and honed his skills in college, as well as five years in the US Navy as an aerial photographer. He spent 26 years as a photojournalist with the San Diego Union-Tribune. He has produced several travel stories as well as award-winning photography in food, fashion, sports and news. He has photographed vineyards around the world, and his art has adorned wineries and restaurants in the US. His scenic and abstract photographs have been exhibited in several galleries. His passion for golf took him to The British Open in 2005, where his photo of Jack Nicklaus making his birdie putt to end his memorable career stands alone as an endorsed collectible from Golden Bear International. Jack's Last Putt is part of the collection of historic golf photos at the Dunvegan Hotel in Saint Andrews.

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